Mildred Louis

Was born and raised in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up, she always had a passion for comics and cartoons, leading her to study Animation at Sheridan College in Canada. Though she did not immediately take to actually animating, she did fall more in love with the art of story telling. Eventually she launched her first webcomic series - Agents of the Realm - in March of 2014 that she still updates twice a week. Outside of the on going series, she works as a comic colorist and takes the occasional Freelance Illustration gig.

Mildred currently is local to the Boston area once again where she is a very happy cat mom and the occasional late night baker.


  • Agents of the Realm - Independently created - March 2014 - Ongoing
  • Invader Zim #4 - pgs 4-22 - Oni Press - Colorist
  • Where is Home Volume 2 edited by Vanessa Stefanuik - Cover Artist
  • The Other Side Anthology edited by Kori Michele Handwerker and Melanie Gillman - Cover Artist
  • Hen and Chick by Tristan J. Tarwater - Episode I - Cover Artist
  • Rick and Morty: Little Poopy Superstar - Oni Press - Comic Colorist

Mildred is currently not actively open for commissions or freelance opportunities. However, if you have any other inquiries or questions, please contact her at: